RDF Diff (dfki.rdf.util.RDFDiff)

You often come to the point where to would like to test the difference between two RDF files. In contrast to XML, we don't have to come up with philosophical questions about equality of RDF things, because (1) we've got only triples here, the correspondation to some RDFS is the only constraint to the triples; (2) each resource you want to talk about, i.e, each RDF subject oder object has a unique resource identificator (URI). Hence, equality can be reduced to the triple level. Therefore, the difference between two RDF files is just the set difference of both triple sets.

A call to "RDFDiff <abc.rdf> <xyz.rdf>" will result in two additional files: the newly created file abc.rdf.diff.rdf will contain all statements of abc.rdf minus the ones in xyz.rdf. Analogously, a file xyz.rdf.diff.rdf is created, too.

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